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North Shore Removalist Packaging Services

Packing is an essential part of any type of move and it is hard to imagine a smooth move without proper packaging of your valuables. There are indeed some people who have experience moving before and are confident in their packing skills, however, not everyone has the skills or the availability to do it. If you fall into the category of those who need professional help for packaging, we can step in and take on the challenge. We are the experts in the field and will do an amazing job of packing your valuables and transport them from point A to point B.

Our packaging services are very detailed and well-designed, extreme care will be taken in the handling your of valuables. Take a look at our packing services and choose the one that fits your needs the best.

Packing & Unpacking Services

The packaging of your belongings can be the deciding factor between an astounding and a frightful moving task If you have never packed for moving, it is likely that you will be confounded at your first attempt; there are many packing materials and techniques for packing that will be difficult to get your head around. Many people aren’t comfortable with the proficient techniques and packing materials and it is very understandable. If you feel like you can’t handle the packing, the best option is hiring professionals to do it for you. Our friendly removalists will bring you the most ideal packaging services to ensure your move goes as smooth as planned. There is a wide range of techniques our specialists may use depending on your requirements, call us to arrange a suitable service. Our packing specialists use every one of them as needs be, to guarantee unquestionably smooth transportation of your belongings. Here are some of the materials we use in our services.

Portable cardboard wardrobes

Book boxes

Boxes of different sizes

Packing tape

Protective wraps

Bubble wrap


Moving blankets

Transparent and fixed quote

Packing of your items

Your trusted removalist

There is no denying that the packaging of your goods is one of the most important steps in your move, that is how you protect your valuables from friction, falls, rain, humidity, mould and many more. You will also have fragile items that you want to be packed with the utmost care and we understand that. We use different packing materials such as butchers paper, bubble wrap and etc. We will use whatever needed to deliver your valuables safely.

Box hire services

If you are looking to pack your stuff on your own, you will most definitely need boxes for it. Our box hire services are there to provide you with proper removalist boxes. Why pay more and buy boxes if you can hire them at North Shore Removalist? You can be perfectly sure of the quality – our boxes are specifically made for moving purposes. We only provide the best boxes on the market which don’t require taping on the bottom or side to add extra strength. Are you after cardboard boxes? We also provide those which will keep your belongings safe and secure in your move as they are made specifically for relocation purposes.

Packing materials

North Shore Removalist is proud to be constantly evolving by closely following the advancements in the field and applying it throughout the services range including packing materials and methods.

Adhesive Tape

Packaging without adhesive tape? Almost unthinkable! Adhesive tapes are a simple, inexpensive and reliable means of closing packing boxes – and are used daily in retail and industry as well as in private homes. But what at first glance seems a rather simple product is far more complex than expected.

Butchers paper

Butchers paper is characterized by high tear strength and strength. It is brown with a narrow striped image, wood-free and smooth on one side, technically free of chlorine and acid and free of corrosion-promoting components.

Bubble Wrap

The bubble wrap is clearly the star among the packaging materials. The bubble wrap is ideal for packaging sensitive, fragile items. The bubble wrap and foam film is waterproof and provides protection against external influences such as dust, scratches or moisture.

Shrink Wrap

The shrink wrap is a plastic film that retracts and makes you able to wrap objects by adapting to their shape. It is a unique material because of the strong retracting capacity that makes it easy to set up and protect the objects it contains very well.

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